Term and Condition

GudluckSEO believes in helping all customers/clients as far as possible and has accordingly prepared the terms and conditions. Once you confirm an order with us, the agreement comes into effect and you are bound by our terms and conditions. Kindly read through the document below carefully.


GudluckSEO will proceed with the work once the agreement is confirmed over the phone or via email, messenger or fax. The company only agrees to work with clients of age of 18 or above. The written or verbal contract between GudluckSEO and the customer/client is regarded as an ‘order’, including the telephone and email agreements. The terms used here as we or us refer to GudluckSEO.

Obligatory conditions

The client should not have any duplicate sites, pages or content. The websites should have no redirects or doorway pages.

No other SEO company should work for the website while we are offering the services.

There should be no use of ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques, including those of exchanging links with link farms or any other spamming technique, method or activity, which will harm the website’s ranking with the search engines. 

We do not offer a ‘100% assurance’ to achieve any specific result with any of the search engines, nor we guarantee or quantify an increased level of sales or traffic, resulting from our SEO campaign. Rankings are completely based on the workings of search engine algorithms and we do not have any control of it. 

We do not hold the responsibility or accountability for any kind of changes incorporated by the client itself after the page optimization done by us, neither we are accountable for the non-implementation of changes advised by us. 

We strictly follow the ethical rules and policies of SEO, which are industry-compliant. If ever it is discovered/found that the client has engaged in actions (spamming), which are undesirable and unethical as per the search engines, we will stop working for the client. Those actions include the following:

Using hidden links for the website

FFA link pages, links with link-farms, etc.

Use of cloaking technique or page redirection

Submitting website pages to the search directories, search engines or any other website without consenting GudluckSEO

Using automated website submission websites or software

Using automated reciprocal link programs

We commence to the work only when the client agrees that their website is not using domain forwarding of either or otherwise on free webspace for hosting purposes. We request the client to change the hosting provider when cases arise of current IP address hosting have ‘bad neighborhood’ or causes any issue for optimization. 

The client will have to bear the charges separately for search engine listings (if any). It includes, but not limited to the pay per inclusion fees in directories, such as Yahoo!, etc. 

Payments and settlements

Before the work commences for any client, a deposit amount has to be paid. We mostly have the SEO plans on a monthly basis. A one month’s advance payment has to be made as per the ordered plan. A payment for every month by the client on or before any due date is necessary for the continuation of services. An invoice will be generated and sent to the respective clients on or before the due date of payment. We will contact and inform clients via email and telephone for a reminder regarding such payments if they are not received by the due date. 

GudluckSEO stops offering the services if our team has not been communicated of any delay or issues with respect to the payment by the client. Following consistently non-payment of an invoice, our legal team communicates to the client in question, taking the matter further to resolve. GudluckSEO pursues legal procedures for seeking payment from the client, including sending court summons.

All services are rendered by GudluckSEO for a completely non-refundable amount. It includes, but not restricted to: one time fees, setup fees, monthly services, additional service fees, upgrade fees, administrative fees and late fees. 

Though the amount or fees are non-refundable, exceptional cases may receive the amount, but only after authorizing from an officer of GudluckSEO. Any chargeback, processed without any authorization from an officer of GudluckSEO will be collected by an employed collection agency. Here, the client will be responsible for the payment of original fees/charges or any other fees required by the collection agency.

Warranty, disclaimers and limitations

In case, URLs are dropped or excluded by any of the Search Engine for any reason, GudlluckSEO shall not be responsible. 

Delays or performance failure caused due to delivery problems from the Internet Service Provider or any communication, or client’s receipt failure of the account service data shall not hold GudluckSEO responsible. 

GudluckSEO shall not be responsible for the causes or acts that are beyond our control, including but not restricted to: communication line failures, strikes, power failures, equipment failures, acts of God, earthquakes or any other disaster.

GudluckSEO does not warrant or represent the Client’s URLs will achieve a desirable position, or any position, for any particular search engine searches. We do not have tie-ups, association or any relation with the search engine companies to bring the favorable results. 

We do not warrant or endorse that using the results or materials through results made available from our services or from any third party will be timely, correct, accurate, reliable or otherwise.

You accept and agree that the using of our services provided hereunder is completely at your own risk. The services we provide are based on “as available” and “as is” method. 

GudluckSEO expressly sets out this disclaimer on all the warranties of any kind, including expressed or implied warranties, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose.

Over the internet, there might be certain conditions which do not agree with the security precautions regarding information disclosure. We would want you to know that these conditions are beyond GudluckSEO’s control and may even result in the breach of security. Hence, GudluckSEO does not assure of any protection of your account service data information from corruption or piracy. Hereby, you clearly renounce any claim against GudluckSEO for any of these conditions, but not limited to data loss involving corruption, piracy or breach of security or any other cause, which is not based on a deliberate or completely negligent action of GudluckSEO.

To the apex extent permitted by law, GudluckSEO and any of the members, parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensors, service providers, directors, officers or employees shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, accidental or incidental damages irrespective of how they occur, including conditions of negligence. GudluckSEO shall also not be liable for suspended communications, data loss, lost profits or any other conditions arising due to or in connection with the provided services. In addition, GudluckSEO does not owe any liability for the losses caused due to inaccessibility or non-operational conditions of services. 

Changes in Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are subjected to change as and when GudluckSEO finds it suitable while exercising its right to do so. 

GudluckSEO presents an updated copy of the terms and conditions on its website after changing them. 

When GudluckSEO puts an updated version or copy of the terms and conditions on its website, it is regarded issued and received by the customer or client. 

The client accepts that it is their own full responsibility of checking the terms and conditions thoroughly in a periodic manner to become aware of the alterations in the terms and conditions set by GudluckSEO. 

The altered version of terms and conditions is regarded accepted by the client after a period of two weeks of its publishing on the website of GudluckSEO. These two weeks are subsequently denoted as the reasonable notification period.

The client agrees it is their responsibility to contact GudluckSEO within the reasonable notification period if they have any doubt or uncertainty in understanding the meaning of any part or portion or the entire updated version of revised terms and conditions.